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Since its inception in 1982, the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) has received substantial support from Canadian government institutions, non-government organizations, private trusts and individuals to carry out work on behalf of all Canadians.

As a not-for-profit, registered charitable organization, CCEA welcomes the continued participation and support of its established partners and all others who would like to share in the important work of protected areas and biodiversity conservation.

Designated Contributions:
a) General Fund
b) Stan Rowe Home Place Memorial Fund

You can support CCEA by making a contribution today, designating it to either the General Fund, to support current projects and priorities or the Stan Rowe Home Place Memorial Fund. The Fund will provide for the annual Stan Rowe Home Place Scholarship and if funds permit an annual lecture at the University of Saskatchewan

It’s easy to contribute; just send your cheque payable to the CCEA along with a completed donation form to the address indicated. You may also use our convenient on-line option through Canada Helps to contribute by credit card.

Contributions to the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas are tax deductible under its registered charitable status. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for all donations over $10.

Please send your enquiries or cheque, payable to:

Canadian Council on Ecological Areas
C/O John Vandall, Treasurer
3325 Rae Street
Regina, SK
S4S 1S5

© Canadian Council on Ecological Areass. All rights reserved.