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Stan Rowe Home Place Graduate Award

The Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA) is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for the 2012 Stan Rowe Home Place Graduate Award.


Download Award Information

The Award is:

  • One or more cash awards of $1,000;
  • Available to graduate students (Master’s or PhD) in their first two years of study and engaged in research related to CCEA’s Mission and/or Strategic Plan (please visit the CCEA website for more information); and,
  • Given to projects having an emphasis on an ecosystem or landscape-based approach to selecting, establishing, or managing protected ecological areas in Canada.

In addition to the cash award, CCEA may:

  • Invite the student to present their work at the CCEA Annual General Meeting;
  • Promote or feature their work in the CCEA newsletter; and/or,
  • Publish their work as a CCEA Occasional Paper.

Applicants should submit:

  • A cover letter, outlining their research and its relationship to CCEA’s Mission and/or Strategic Plan;
  • A research proposal, no more than 2,250 words (organized under four headings: Introduction, Proposed Methods, Expected Outcomes, and Literature Cited);
  • A letter of reference from their supervising professor; and,
  • A current resume.

Applications should be submitted no later than February 21, 2014 by e-mail only. All applications received will be acknowledged by e-mail. The successful student will be advised by April 5 2013 and their name will be posted on the CCEA website.

Applications should be submitted to:
Christopher Lemieux

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies,
Wilfrid Laurier University
Email: clemieux@wlu.ca

past Recipients:

Caroline Grego, University of British Columbia, "Creating New National Parks, Forging New Conservation Communities: A case study of the proposed South Okangan – Lower Similkameen National Park Reserve"

Claire DeLong, Lakehead University, "Identification of Barriers Faced by Latent Immigrant Users: Increasing Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation Participation in Rouge National Urban Park"

Kelsey Molloy, University of Manitoba, "Impacts of Cattle Stocking Rates and Plant Species Composition on Grassland Songbird Communities in a Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie"

Yanick Gendreau, La conservation dans le contexte des changements climatiques au Quebec: Analyse de vulnerabilite et strategies d'adaptation

Windekind C. Buteau-Duitschaever
, Wilfrid Laurier University, "Exploring governance structures, institutions and collaboration for protected area development: A Case Study of Québec Protected Areas"

Chérie J. Dugal,
University of Saskatchewan, "The Functional Connectivity for Elk (Cervus elaphus) Across an Agriculture-Dominated Landscape: Implications for Conservation and Pathogen Transmission".

Sabine Jessen, PhD program, Simon Fraser University, "Establishing MPA Networks: Analysis of Sussessful Institutional Arrangements for Ecological Protection in the Face of Climate Change".

Tim Antill, MSc candidate, land reclamation and ecosystem restoration, University of Alberta. Dr. Anne Naeth (supervisor)
Laura Gray, PhD program, Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta. Dr. Andreas Hamann (supervisor)

Marilou Bourdages
, Université Laval La flore de l’île Bonaventure : un outil pour l’aménagement du territoire

Lee Anderson
, University of Alberta Ecological, Benchmarking in Canada’s Boreal Forest

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